So, yesterday I went to the Hunter Hayes concert with two of my friends. We really wanted to meet him, so we got there early to do the Road Race. We ended up losing the Road Race, so we bonded with these four other people who lost. We decided to go back to the venue by his buses to wait because we had time to kill. There were a few other people there too. We kept asking Hunter’s management if he was going to come out and they kept saying they weren’t sure. He was already doing his meet and greets. We waited there for two hours and my friends and I were about to leave, but we waited a little bit longer. Good thing we did, because soon enough we saw Hunter come out of the venue and to his bus and we shouted to him asking if he could come take quick pictures with us. He went on his bus, then came back out like ten seconds later. One of his managers came up to us and said that he could sign for us, but not take pictures because he didn’t have enough time and he was losing his voice.

Hunter was shocked by the fact that we were waiting out there for him because it was cold and windy. There was one group that had been waiting for like 5 hours. Hunter couldn’t even believe it. One by one the whole group got their autograph and hug from him. When it came to me, I was so overwhelmed. I had met Hunter two years ago, but I just felt like so much had changed since then and there was so much I wanted to say to him now. I was freaking out and thinking of what to say. He said hi to me and I gave him my ticket to sign. My voice was shaking and I must have looked really nervous as I blurted out “I saw you two years ago, and you’ve accomplished so much since then, and I’m so proud of you.”
I will never forget the look on his face when I said that. He was signing my ticket, and he looked up with a really serious look on his face and looked me in the eyes, like he had never had anyone say that to him before (which I’m pretty sure he has lolol). Then, with the cutest look on his face that honestly looked like he was smiling but wanted to cry at the same time, he outstretched his arms and said “That means a lot. Thank you for saying that!” and then actual Hunter Hayes proceeded to hug me for like three seconds and it was glorious and I basically struggled to survive. My friend got a picture of him hugging me and it’s my favorite thing ever because his face???? He was so touched by what I had to say and idk that was just a really special moment for me.
Then everyone finished meeting him and we were all kind of complaining to his manager about not getting pictures haha. So Hunter was like “I could do pictures if they wanted me to!” because he’s an angel so his manager compromised and said we could do a big group picture. So we did and I’m the one like behind him on the right (I PROMISE IM NOT THAT TALL I WAS STANDING ON MY TIPTOES TO AVOID GETTING CUT OUT OKAY). Then Hunter said bye to us and we thanked him a billion times for being the nicest person in the world.
Like ok he already does two different meet and greets for his shows, but he still decided to come outside and meet all of us. And he didn’t treat everyone like just another autograph, he took time and made each person feel special. I’m so overwhelmed by this experience and I’m so glad I got to tell Hunter how proud I am of him and have such a good experience meeting him. He honestly hasn’t changed one bit and he’s so down-to-earth it’s honestly not even imaginable. I’m so happy that yesterday worked out the way it did and I’m so thankful to have Hunter Hayes in my life. ❤

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